A letter of Shiva

­­Shiva is the true form of life , he believe in giving the joy of love, kindness, happiness, wishes for healthy life, energy, peace and self-control. He is always in meditative state, he feels no emotions he is supernatural he is not a person not a folk neither a mystic. He is a believe, he is a faith, he commands us, if we give our burdens to him he will bear it. He will free us from our sorrow and pain. Pain and emotions are the state of mind and once we understood this and surrender our self to him then nothing in this world can fear us and disturb us.

Shiva is a universal energy. Shiva is omnipresent. Shiva is endless. Shiva is a inner peace. Shiva is a state of meditation. Shiva is peace. Shiva is nature. But people try to find him here and there. Ha ha. Until we have the feeling of me Shiva never come. Shiva is eternal. You cannot find him in temple. We do wrong things, we hurt others, we humiliate others, we quarrel with other, we never respect nature. We never respect living or non living things. How can be it possible to find peace when our actions are not right. Shiva is our karma, if you do right karma you find Shiva in yourself. Then you don’t have to go here and there you feel inner peace.  Right your karma this is the last chance. Do it for all , don’t hurt anyone. Respect nature and all living creatures in this world. We are not bigger than this world. We are not bigger than this nature.